Year: 2009

SIETAR Japan, Kansai Chapter Workshop , June 2009   “Integrating the Multiple Interdisciplinary Functions of the Interculturalist”

Presenter:  Prof. Clifford Clarke

Date:       June 7 (Sunday),  13:00-16:00

Place:      Takatsuki Shiritsu Shogai Gakushu Center (Seminar Room)

           (10 minutes walk from JR Takatsuki station or Hankyu Takatsuki station)
Tel:          072-674-7700


Fee:       2,000 yen for members,     1,000 yen for students

3,000 yen for non-members, 1,500 yen for non-member students

Language:  English

Description of the Workshop:

Most originate in the field as specialists in one discipline or another but to make a real contribution over years of service, we need to find ways of integrating and yet expanding our intercultural knowledge and skills, along with the attitude of compassion, of caring for the people with whom and for whom we serve. This expansive and inclusive perspective on continual personal and professional growth can be guided by the 3Cs: Competence, Compassion, and Commitment. Prof. Clarke will expand upon these concepts with illustrations from his career and discuss with participating members their opportunities for enriching growth. His approach will be to chart the evolution of a cycle of development of the many intercultural learning opportunities available to international educational exchange students and scholars as well as to global business representatives.

Profile of the Presenter:

Prof. Clifford Clarke has been teaching three courses in Intercultural Communication Theory, Training, and Consulting at the University of Hawaii’s School of Communication for the past four years as an Affiliate Graduate Faculty member. He also founded and serves as the President of Global Integration Strategies where he executes research projects for businesses and educational exchange programs via his website at and

He was raised in Kyoto through high school and after over 30 relocations as a “global nomad” now resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, as a genuine “TCK” (Third Culture Kid) with his wife who is from Toyama, Japan. Together they are developing another new venture in service to local schools as External Program Evaluators.

SIETAR Kansai February 2009 Monthly Meeting “Human Rights Education: Unfulfilled Commitment, Unrealized Potential”

Presenter:    Mr. Jeff Plantilla (HURIGHTS OSAKA)

Date:         February 15 (Sunday),  15:30~17:30

Place:        Nishinomiya-shi Daigaku Koryu Center

              (ACTA East building  6F, Seminar Room 2)

             2 min. from the North Exit of Hankyu Nishinomiya

             Kitaguchi Station  Tel. (0798)69-3155


Fee:         500 yen for members and students, 1,000 yen for non-members

Language:   English



Description of the Presentation


     Human rights education is an international commitment of governments, and yet it has not been given the support it deserves.

Despite difficulties however, there are human rights education initiatives in various countries, in diverse forms and types of supporting institutions.  Human rights education supports the goal of education: full development of human potentials.



Profile of the Presenter


     Jeff Plantilla works on the regional (Asia) human rights education program of HURIGHTS OSAKA.  He implements projects under the program with the involvement of educators in different countries and with various institutions in Asia.  He undertakes research on human rights issues.  He also prepares the English publications of HURIGHTS OSAKA.