SIETAR Japan, Kansai Chapter, November 2010    “The Effects of Acquired Disability on Interpersonal Relationships in Japan: An Intercultural Approach”

11月. 14, 2010

Presenter:  Prof. Jeff Berglund  ( Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)

Date:       Sunday  March 14,  2010  (4:00pm-6:00pm)

Place:    Takatsuki Shiritsu Sogo Shimin Koryu Center, 3rd Floor (Yume-Kobo)

            ( 1 minute from JR Takatsuki Station),  Tel. 0726-85-3721


Fee:        500 yen for members and students, 1,000yen for non-members

Language:  English with Japanese summary



Description of presentation:

The presenter, who has lived in Japan for 40 years, hosted the program “Living with Disabilities” on NHK educational TV from April of 1999 to March of 2009.  During  that time he interviewed more than 400 people with more than 60 different kinds of disability or chronic illness.  He will introduce his master’s thesis and relate it to the total experience of disability in Japan.  The presentation will begin with a short look at one segment of the TV program in which a man with cerebral palsy talks about the human rights of disabled people.  We will examine three topics:

1)The framing of disability in Japan and in the United States.  2)The transition experience in suddenly acquired disability.  3)The application of intercultural theories and concepts to the disability experience.  There will be short Q and A sessions after the introduction of each topic.  In examining the transition from being a member of the able-bodied majority culture to being a member of the disabled minority culture, we can explore some of the problems in the communication between the abled and the disabled.



Profile of presenter:

Graduated from Carleton College in 1970 with B. A. in religion.  Has been living and teaching in Japan for 39 years.  Currently professor of intercultural communication at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.  Has extensive experience interviewing people with disabilities.  M. A. from University of the Pacific, 2009.


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