●SIETAR-Kansai NEXT program
November 2018 SIETAR Kansai,
Date&Time; Sunday, November 4, 2018 13:00-17:00

Theme: Intercultural Experiences
(studying, working, volunteering, doing service learning, etc.)

language: Japanese or English

Fee: Free for members and students, and
500yen for non-members (for monthly meeting)
Note; Occasionally fee is changeable according to a meeting, check details.
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Advanced application for the above participation is not needed. more info
●SIETAR-Kansai Future Program
2018 meeting

To be later on
•••Usual Venue: Takatsuki Sogo Shimin Koryu Center (1 minute from JR Takatsuki Station)

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Theme: Promoting Equity and Social Change: Acknowledging the Diversity Within.

Date: October 7th and 8th, 2017 (Preconference; - )
Place: Sophia University Yotsuya Campus, Tokyo, Japan
The overview of the conference including pre-conference field trip, keynote speeches, and panel discussion is accessible from here on SIETAR homepage.


●WORKSHOP : To be announced later

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We welcome non-members as well as students and members.

FEE: Free for SEITAR and students; 500 yen for non-members

Waiting for your participation !!


12月. 08, 2018 January 2019 SIETAR Kansai & JALT Osaka Joint Meeting: An Intercultural Revisitation of the Kindertransport: Jewish Children’s Escape from the Nazi Camps
11月. 06, 2018 December 2018 SIETAR Kansai   A Workshop for Media Literacy: Deciphering the Term, “Foreigners”as Reported by the Media
10月. 27, 2018 SIETAR Student Fair 2018:Intercultural Experiences
7月. 07, 2018 July 2018 SIETAR Kansai A Workshop for Media Literacy: Deciphering the Term, “Foreigners” as Reported by the Media
6月. 10, 2018 June 2018 SIETAR Kansai,From Adversity to Advocacy: the power of sharing your stories
4月. 30, 2018 SIETAR Kansai May 2018 – Annual Field Trip – Bahá’í Faith
2月. 21, 2018 SIETAR Kansai April 2018, Two Lectures, Sexual Harassment: From Two Vantage Points
1月. 05, 2018 SIETAR Kansai January 2018 monthly meeting: The Finnish immigrant integration system: Support for immigrants and refugees with peer support
10月. 18, 2017 SIETAR Student Fair 2017 Intercultural Experiences –by SIETAR KANSAI
9月. 24, 2017 SIETAR Student Fair 2017 -Intercultural Experiences- by SIETAR KANSAI

● Notices ●

The next monthly meeting :
April 2019 SIETAR Kansai Meeting:
Date: TBA
Details will be posted as soon as the event is confirmed.

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We are waiting for your participation. NEW MEMBERS are more than welcome. It is easy to register for the membership and you can join us anytime. For joining our organization, please contact us. For email address
************************************** The members are entitled to participate the monthly meeting for free and receive email / mail notices on the coming up meeting and an annual conference from SIETAR Kansai and SIETAR Japan.  Annual membership fee is JPYen10,000. The membership renewal is in April-May every year.





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