March 2023 SIETAR Kansai presents: Women’s Mini Film Festival Co-sponsored with Osaka/Nara JALT

March is Women’s History Month, so in celebration:

Women filmmakers: Past, present, and future

Date: March 30 (Sat), 2024 Time: 14:00-17:00
Language: English
Venue: Nishinomiya Daigaku Koryu Center (ACTA East Tower 6F Room 1)
2 minutes from Hankyu Nishinomiya Kitaguchi station
Fee: Free for students, SIETAR & JALT members; 500 yen for all others
Social event (optional): Dinner after the session at a nearby restaurant
Reservations required by March 27 (Wed). Contact:
The Film Festival presenters:


Tamarah Cohen taught English at the university level and made several thought-provoking films as well as transforming hundreds of student
presentations into interactional video-based teaching material. She retired
early to devote herself 100% to her cat sanctuary in Kyoto.


Felicity Tillack is an Australian writer and filmmaker who has made several feature and short films based in Japan. She has an active YouTube channel, Instagram and TikTok series–all of them explore Japan and its culture. Her debut 2019 film,“Impossible to Imagine,” a romantic film dealing with identity and bicultural issues is streaming on Amazon Prime (those without Prime can watch the film on Vimeo (rent or buy) Watch this before the event (due to time constraints)


Seunghyun Lee, is a designer and videographer from Seoul who has recently made a short feminist-leaning video based on a Korean legend. She is
currently working on using video to bring to life the oil painting and
personal records of Jang-Mi, an up-and-coming artist, who is painfully
aware of Korean society’s anti-women currents. This collaboration is
new and innovative, and it promises to open interesting perspectives in the world of art and film.