May 2024 SIETAR Kansai

Using Yoga’s Ancient Wisdom: Applying the Spiritual to the Stressed 

Speaker: Ellie (Eleanor) Smith (Aichi University) 

Date: May 11 (Sat), 2024 

Time: 14:00-17:00 

Venue: Wings Kyoto (Room 2) (walking distance from Karasuma Oike or Shijo station) 

Language: English 

Fee: Free for students, SIETAR members; 500 yen for others 

Registration (required beforehand): There is a limit of 24 participants. Contact: Amanda Gillis Furutaka 

Social event (optional): There will be dinner after the session at a nearby restaurant. To  register, contact The deadline is May 7, 2024 

Session description: 

This is a three-hour comprehensive yoga workshop. At the outset there will be a focus  on the science behind how our nervous systems function, and an explanation of the  parallels with ancient yogic philosophy and history. Through informative mini-lectures  and short group discussions, participants will gain insights into the profound  connections between modern neuroscience and traditional yogic knowledge. Practical  applications to reduce feelings of nervousness, anxiety, stress and fatigue will be shared. At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a concise, well-rounded yoga  practice routine, which they can integrate into their daily life. Participants should wear  loose-fitting clothing for comfort and ease of movement. This is not a strenuous session, and no yoga mats are needed.  

Ellie (Eleanor) Smith has almost 20 years’ experience in education  at various institutions in Japan, and she currently teaches English  and Cultural Studies at Aichi University. Her research primarily  focuses on the transformational potential for the application of yoga  to improve public speaking skills of students and professionals.

2024 年 5 月 SIETAR 関西


発表者: エリー(エレノア)スミス(愛知大学)
日時: 2024年5月11日(土) 14:00-17:00
会場: ウィングス京都(2号室)(鳥丸御池駅または四条駅から徒歩圏内)
言語: 英語
料金: 学生・SIETAR会員は無料、 その他500円
言語: 英語
お申込み先: 定員 24 名(事前登録が必要です。)

Contact: Amanda Gillis Furutaka

登録は まで。締め切りは 2024 年 5 月 7 日。
このセッションは 3 時間の総合的なヨガのワークショップです。初めに、私達の神経系の

エリー(エレノア)スミス氏は、日本の様々な教育機関で約 20 年の教

There will be a dinner following the event. Please follow the link below for information:

MAY 2024 Dinner