SIETAR Kansai May 2015 Program Field Trip: Shinnyoen, a Buddhist temple

5月. 02, 2015

In 2013, SIETAR Kansai had a field trip to the mosque in Kobe, and in 2014 we met with the Filipino community at the Cathedral of St. Maria of Tamatsukuri, Osaka. Since we live in Japan, it seemed reasonable to visit a Buddhist temple. This year we will have a field trip to Shinnyoen, a modern Buddhist community that was founded in 1936; however, its teachings are rooted in the ancient teachings of Gautama Buddha. Shinnyoen is based on Shingon Buddhism, but in contrast to the Shingon sect, the ordinary layperson in Shinnyoen, through regular  practice, can gain access to the esoteric spiritual teachings which are usually only for monks and nuns.

Shinnyoen encourages interfaith dialog, and it has held many international events that connect diverse religious groups.  People who practice other religions are not asked to give up their religion to participate in Shinnyoen. Shinnyoen is inclusive, and it actively encourages members to focus on altruism, meditation, and peaceful cooperation.

Date:  Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meeting place and time:  13:00 at JR Settsu-tonda station (only one exit)

Destination:  Yuon sanctuary (Shinnyoen temple) (English) (Japanese)

1-10-1 Abuno, Takatsuki, Osaka  Tel: 072-690-0111

Fee: Free for all, however, please bring ¥500 for the bus to and from the temple.


Advanced reservation is required.

How to apply: Send to the following: a) name, b) e-mail address, c) cell phone, and d) how many people


Deadline: May 25, 2015

Contact: For questions Donna Fujimoto  080 3775 2216

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