SIETAR Kansai May 2016 Program: Field Trip: Osaka Quaker meeting

SIETAR Kansai May 2016 Program

Field Trip: Osaka Quaker meeting


For the past three years SIETAR Kansai has hosted field trips to learn about different communities in the Kansai area. In 2013 we went to the Kobe Mosque in Sannomiya, in 2014 we met with the Filipino community at the Cathedral of St. Maria of Tamatsukuri, Osaka, and last year we visited Shinnyoen, a modern Buddhist community. This year we have the opportunity to meet with a Quaker group in Takarazuka. The Quaker movement began in the 17th century in England and differed from other religious groups in its simplicity with no hierarchy and no elaborate rituals and ceremonies. The guiding principle is that every person can experience God directly and can find an inward light that will lead to spiritual development. Quakers are well known for their egalitarian beliefs, their principle of nonviolence, their work for social and economic justice, and their acts of kindness in daily life.

This month we can participate in a monthly meeting with the first hour in silent worship then followed by lunch where we can participate in conversation and fellowship. To get an idea of what to expect in a Quaker meeting, watch a short video explanation:  For a basic introduction, check this link

Date:                                 Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meeting place and time:   10:30 am, Hankyu Mefujinja Station on the Takarazuka line.

Event time :                      11:00-13:00

Place:                                Takarazuka Meditation House (Details will be provided later)

Fee:                                   Free (non members are also welcome) (please bring 500 yen for a bento)

Registration:                     Advanced reservation required, first-come-first-served basis (there may be a limit to the numbers, so reserve

                                          as soon as possible)

How to apply:                   Send the following: a) name, b) e-mail address, c) cell phone number, and d) how many people to

                                  Deadline: April 26, 2016