SIETAR Japan, Kansai Chapter, June 2016 Meeting,“Essential Skills for Successful Overseas Assignment and Essential Skills for How to Deal with Expat in Japan Successfully”

6月. 03, 2016

SIETAR Japan, Kansai Chapter, June 2016 Meeting

In Collaboration with Ryukoku University Scholarly Association for Business Administration,

SIG, Research Group for “Intercultural Business Communication”


“Essential Skills for Successful Overseas Assignment and Essential Skills for How to Deal with Expat in Japan Successfully”


Presenter:    ​Mr. Akira Kusaka  (Intercultural Trainer and Executive Business Consultant)

Date:         ​Sunday, June 19, 2016,  2:00pm~5:00pm

Place:      ​Ryukoku University, Osaka Umeda Campus(14F, Hilton Plaza West Office

​Tower, 2-2-2, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City)  Tel:06-6344-0218

Access:       ​

Fee:     Free for members and students,  500 yen for non-members

Language:    ​English

There will be an informal dinner gathering afterwards.  Reservations for dinner required by

June 13.  Contact Miho Yoshioka、


Description of the workshop:


In accordance with a recent fad of relocation of operations in the business world, the number of Japanese who needs to work overseas or to work under the management of foreign expatriates of different culture has been significantly growing. However, it appears that the most of these Japanese rack their brains how to deal with the different culture in their working place. In this workshop, we will first observe through various cases the actual state that perturbs these Japanese, and then, through group discussions on those cases we will try to seek the essential skills or competencies that would be truly beneficial for those Japanese to successfully deal with the different culture. The part one will deal with the cases that Japanese working abroad as an expatriate may encounter, and the second part will deal with the cases that Japanese working in Japan under the management of foreign expatriates of different culture may come across.


Profile of the facilitator:


Retired business man with 40 years business experience with JAL that includes more than 17 years of overseas assignment covering 5 foreign countries.  Currently acting as intercultural trainer and executive business consultant offering service to various business corporations. Author of [Kaigai Chuuzairyoku].  Holding a plan to publish the second book [Gaikokujin Expat Taiouryoku ]. BA degree of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies as well as MBA degree of Sophia Graduate School of Economics.

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