Year: 2017

SIETAR Student Fair 2017 Intercultural Experiences –by SIETAR KANSAI


Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017

Time: 13:00-17:00

Place: Osaka Gakuin University (5 minutes from JR Kishibeand Hankyu Shojaku station)


Theme: Intercultural Experiences (studying, working, volunteering, doing service learning, etc.)

Students from the Kansai area are invited to participate as presenters or spectators. Presentations are informal and conducted for small groups on topics related to intercultural experiences while studying, volunteering, doing service learning, community engagement in either Japan or countries abroad. Presenters can participate as individuals or as a group, and should bring pictures, posters, goods, etc. Spectators can move around the fair to listen to various speakers, and presenters will have a chance to listen to other speakers. Presentations and discussions may be conducted in either English or Japanese. Groups should be prepared to introduce their activity in English in a minute or less. Faculty are encouraged and welcome to attend.

​Teachers, please encourage students to join the SIETAR Student Fair!


Presenters can register on the URL below:

Registration deadline for presenters is Friday, November 3rd.


For spectators, no registration is required.

All students are welcome as spectators!

If you have any questions,


Japanese translation is below.

SIETAR Student Fair 2017 -Intercultural Experiences-


●日時: 11月12日 (日) 13:00~17:00 (途中休憩あり、親睦会あり)
●場所: 大阪学院大学  (JR岸辺駅または阪急正雀駅より徒歩5分)








問い合わせ:実行委員会 白井貴仁


発表登録締め切り: 11/3(金)

SIETAR Student Fair 2017 -Intercultural Experiences- by SIETAR KANSAI


SIETAR Student Fair 2017 -Intercultural Experiences-


Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017 (1:00-5:00 pm)

Place: Osaka Gakuin University

     (5 mins walk from JR Kishibe Station or Hankyu Shojaku Station)

Sutdent fair Osaka Gakuin Univ map


What is the SIETAR Student Fair?

This is an event where students from various universities around Kansai will share their intercultural experiences with students from other universities. Presentations are short informal presentations (Poster presentations and discussion) either individually or in small groups. Topics in the past have included experiences of studying abroad, volunteering, service learning, travelling, and community engagement in both Japan and abroad.

This is a great opportunity to network with students from other universities, make new friends and get inspiration for the future.

Presenters needed!   

Presenters (individuals or small groups) will present to small groups in either English or Japanese in a poster presentation-style discussion. In addition to a poster on your topic/research, slides, pictures or items will make it more interesting.

Information about how to register as a presenter will be made available on the facebook page at a later date.

For spectators, no registration is required. All students are welcome!

If you have any questions please contact Takahito Shirai at



SIETAR Kansai September 2017 Documentary film: Clash of Colors–LA Riots of 1992

SIETAR Kansai September 2017


Documentary film: Clash of Colors–LA Riots of 1992

Speaker:             Mr. Chanyu Ko, documentary writer

Date:                   September 24, 2017 (Sun.)

Time:                   *15:30-18:00 (Note: change from the usual time)

Venue:   Takatsuki Sogo Shimin Koryu Center

(one minute from JR Takatsuki Station) Tel. 0726-85-3721高槻市立会館総合市民交流センター/@34.852047,135.6169948,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x600102b7d17be1f7:0x46cb9c0e511c312d!8m2!3d34.852047!4d135.6191835

   Fee:          Free for members and students; 500 yen for non-members

Language:     Film—English with Japanese subtitles; Speaker–Japanese with English translation as needed

Social event:  We will have a meal after the session at a nearby restaurant.

                        Reservations are required by Wed., September 20.




About the film: On April 29, 1992, the Los Angeles riots started in South Central Los Angeles.  The riots were caused by the acquittal of four police officers on trial in the beating of Rodney King. The catastrophe claimed 55 deaths, caused more than 4,000 injuries, and cost $1 billion in property damage. LA Koreatown, the biggest Korea town in the world, was damaged severely in the riots. David D. Kim produced the film focusing on Koreatown of Los Angeles. The film, “Clash of Colors” offers unprecedented access into the most overlooked history of the riots through valuable footage and in-depth interviews from a balanced panel. (The film is 81 minutes and was released in 2012.)


About the speaker: Mr. Chanyu Ko is a documentary writer, and he visited Korea town in Los Angeles in 1991, 1992 and 2011 in order to do research. He published the book entitled, “Korea Towns in the US” in 1992. Mr. Ko received permission from Mr. Kim, the producer. Mr. Ko will talk about the background of the LA riots before the film and answer audience questions after the film.