SIETAR- Japan, Kansai Chapter, April 2007    Intercultural Education through Experiential Education: A Service Learning and Leadership Program

Presenter:     Diane Musselwhite (Poole Gakuin University )

Date:            April 22, 2007 (Sunday), 2:00pm-4:00pm

Place:            Takatsukishiritsu Shogaigakushu Center

Room: Kenshuushitsu 3rd floor

(about 10 minutes walk from JR Takatsuki station, and 10 minutes walk from Hankyu Takatsukishi station )

Tel:  072-674-7700

Fee:           500 yen for members and students; 1,000yen for non-members

Language:        English


Description of the Presentation


Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy designed to promote academic enhancement, personal growth, and civic or community engagement. It also becomes an opportunity to experience another “culture.”

At Poole Gakuin University in Osaka,the International Studies Department’s Intercultural Exchange and Service Course requires all students to take a minimum of two classes from a choice of four possibilities: internship, off-campus classes, fieldwork, or service learning. The service learning program created to serve this need starts its third year this April 2007.

The program at Poole includes both international and domestic activities.  In this presentation, I will describe the launching of the program, the aims, its status within the university, its management, and the difficulties. I will also explain the leadership program and its relationship to service learning.


Profile of the Presenter

Diane Musselwhite has been trained in educational anthropology and she has been teaching at Poole Gakuin University for 11 years.  She is currently the Director of the Center for Intercultural Exchange and Service.