SIETAR Japan Kansai Chapter, October 2007 Preparing Japanese University Students for the Challenge of Study Abroad: Experiences and Insights of Ryugakusei

Presenter:     Prof. Teresa Bruner Cox (Soai University)

Date:          October 7, 2007 (Sunday),  1:30pm- 3:30pm

Place:         Takatsuki Shiritsu Sogo Shimin Koryu Center, Rm 3

               (1 minute walk from JR Takatsuki Station), Tel.072-685-3721


Fee:                500 yen for members and students: 1,000 yen for non-members

Language:     English


Description of the Presentation

     Each year, many Japanese university students participate in long-term study abroad programs in English-speaking countries.  What challenges do they face, and how well are sponsoring institutions preparing them for the intercultural academic experience?  To see what could be learned from students who have already been abroad, the presenter did in-depth debriefing interviews with students from Kansai area universities who had returned from a year abroad at a university in the USA or Canada.  Selections from these interviews which focused on academic life have been made into a training video, Japanese Students Abroad: Academic Challenge and Strategies for Success(日本とアメリカ・カナダの大学教育の相違と留学成功法).  The video is aimed specifically for Japanese university students who intend to study abroad in the future.

         This presentation will be of interest to international program advisors and administrators. Cross-cultural trainers, and Japanese university students interested in studying abroad.  (The presenter will speak in English but the interview video excerpts are in Japanese.)


Profile of Presenter

Teresa Bruner Cox is a professor at Soai University in Osaka.  She has taught EFL and intercultural Communication at university level and to business people in Japan for more than thirty years.  In recent years her research focus has been on the experiences of Japanese ryugakusei and on preparation for study abroad.  She graduated from the University of California,Berkeley with a major in Anthropology, and she received her M.A.T.(TEFL/TESL) from The School for International Training in Vermont.