May 2014 SIETAR Kansai Fieldtrip: Cathedral of St. Maria of Tamatsukuri of Osaka–Visiting the Filipino Community

Fieldtrip: Cathedral of St. Maria of Tamatsukuri of
Osaka–Visiting with Filipino Community Members (Sama Sama)

Places of worship, such as mosques and churches have long been not only important religiously, but even more important as a center of support and place for immigrants to exchange information and interact socially. The Cathedral of St. Mary of Tamatsukuri, currently offering religious services in Spanish, Japanese, English and Vietnamese, has in particular become a valuable meeting place for the Filipino community in Kansai. Originally beginning with around 8 Filipino members, it is estimated that over 200 members of the Filipino community regularly use the church facilities for their activities and meetings.

Fieldtrip participants will be able to see where many Filipinos congregate as well as sample various foods from the Philippines while getting to know and learn more about Filipinos and other non-Japanese living mainly in Osaka.


Date:  Sunday, May 25

Meeting place and time: 2:30 pm just outside the North exit of JR Tamatsukuri

Station or 3:00 pm in front of the Cathedral

(Those who choose to go to the Sunday religious service beginning at 2:00, which is

not part of the fieldtrip, should join us at 3:00 in front of the cathedral.)

Place:  Cathedral of St. Maria of Tamatsukuri of Osaka

2-24-22, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-ku, Osaka  540-0004     TEL: 06-941-2332


Number of participants:  25 maximum (Advance Reservation is required)


●How to apply:  Participants should sign up by May 20 and send the following to Miho Yoshioka by E-mail:

or Fax: (06)6674-5857.

1)     Name  2) Tel and Email address  3) How many people will participate     4) Which meeting place, a) JR Tamatsukuri Station or b) the Cathedral, you will join us at   5) Whether or not you will join the dinner afterwards


14:30        Meet just outside the North exit of JR Tamatsukuri Station


15:00        Meet at and tour the Cathedral of St. Mary of Tamatsukuri


15:30-17:30  Enjoy the afternoon market and visit with members of the

Sama-Sama Filipino community members, including Jun Yamada and Neriza Saito


17:45         Dinner at a Korean restaurant near Tamatsukuri (optional)