SIETAR Kansai May 2017 – Annual Field Trip:Saturday, May 27 — meet at 11:15 a.m.

   SIETAR Kansai May 2017 – Annual Field Trip

Saturday, May 27 — meet at 1115 a.m.



May is the month for our annual field trip. In the past we have visited the Kobe mosque, the Cathedral of St. Maria of Tamatsukuri of Osaka, the Buddhist community of Shinnyoen in Settsu-Tonda, Osaka, and last year the Quaker community of Kansai. This year our plan is to visit the Jewish synagogue in Kobe. Ohel Shelomo Synagogue is officially the Jewish Community of Kansai, and it is the oldest surviving Jewish community in Japan. The Jewish people have had a long history in Japan, and specifically in Kobe starting from the turn of the 20th century.

To learn more about this important history and about the Jewish religion, you are invited to join our field trip. This is open to all who are interested, both SIETAR members and non-members alike. We will meet at 11:15 noon at the west exit of Sannomiya Hankyu Station in front of McDonald’s. We will walk to the synagogue from there. Participants should be prepared to bring 1000~1500 yen for the donation. There will be people who can explain things in Japanese and in English. We will have lunch in the synagogue after the service.

To sign up, please contact Donna Fujimoto at (the deadline is May 23) In your email, write your full name, and cell phone. There may be a limit of participants, so please be sure to send your email asap.