April 2013 Fieldtrip : The Kobe Muslim Mosque

SIETAR Kansai April 2013 Meeting
“Fieldtrip : The Kobe Muslim Mosque”


We are going to visit the Kobe Muslim Mosque as the first field trip in 2013.
You are invited to take part in our program.

We welcome non-members as well as students and members.

When we visit the Kobe Muslim Mosque, please make sure not to wear
shorts or mini-skirts, otherwise, we won’t be able to enter the mosque.
We advise women to bring a scarf to cover the head.


●Date:                           Saturday, April 20, 2013

●Meeting time:             1:30 pm

●Meeting place:            just outside the West exit of JR Sannomiya station.
●Place to visit:              Kobe Muslim Mosque   kobemasjid@gmail.com
                                       2-25-14, Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe

                                      Tel: 078-231-6060 

●Number of participants:  20 maximum  (Reservation in advance is necessary)

●How to apply: Participants should sign up by April 10 and send the following

           to Miho Yoshioka uskj30641@iris.eonet.ne.jp

                                          or fax: (06) 674-5857

     1) Name

     2) Tel: and Email address

     3) How many people will participate

  4) Whether or not you will join the dinner afterward          


13:30pm      Meet just outside the West exit of JR Sannomiya Station.
14:00-14:30pm    Tour the Kobe Muslim Mosque  


14:30-15:30pm   Brief talk on the Kobe Muslim Mosque

                            and  discussion with  Arai Ahsan, General Secretary

15:30-16:30pm  Coffee and tea at Nishimura Coffee Shop
                                (a Malaysian student will join us and talk about

                                Islamic culture)

16:30-17:30pm   Free time to walk around and visit Kobe Grocers,

                            Kobe Halal Foods etc.  http://www.kobegrocers.com, 


17:30pm    Dinner at a Turkish restaurant (optional)