SIETAR Kansai Special Joint Event for July 2017



SIETAR Kansai Special Joint Event for July 2017

In collaboration with JALT Business Communication SIG and other organizations


Business and Intercultural Negotiation Special Conference


Main speakers:​Kumiko Murata, Professor, WasedaUniversity​

​​Chris Bates, Business consultant and trainer

​​Tim Craig, BlueSky Academic Services, publisher for international business


Date:​​July 1-2, 2017

Times:​​Sat. July 1 from 9:30 to 17:30 and Sun. July 2 from 9:00 to 16:10


Venue:​Kansai University, Senriyama, Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Iwasaki Kinenkan, Rooms F401 & F402



Fee:​Free for all participants


SIETAR Kansai is offering this event as its July 2017 meeting. It is special because it is a two-day conference with three plenary speakers, several international business-related and educational presentations, posters, an intercultural workshop and a panel discussion. This is certainly a value-added SIETAR Kansai meeting. While this conference is mainly organized by the Business Communication SIG of JALT, SIETAR Kansai has been included in the preparations.


The plenaries:

English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) research in business and workplace settings by Kumiko Murata. Murata is Professor of English and Applied Linguistics at Waseda University. Her research interests include ELF, pragmatics, intercultural communication and language teaching, among others. She recently edited the book, Exploring ELF in Japanese academic and business contexts (2016, Routledge).

The ethological and cultural roots of different negotiation styles, by Chris Bates. Bates is based in Taiwan and has lived in Asia for 40 years. He works in sales and marketing, business intelligence consulting, and executive searches. He has also trained Fortune 100companies on advanced negotiation in Asia.

Building cultural understanding in the classroom by Tim Craig.Craig has a PhD in International Business and two MAs in International Management and in East Asian Studies. He previouslytaught 15 years in Japan and has taught and done research in Canadian and Japanese business schools.


Selected presentations:

Learning to communicate in English at work by Miyuki Takino

Business simulations by Curtis Kelly

Negotiating identity through Intercultural Language Learning Projects by Sachie Banks

Enhance your professional qualifications with diversity awareness training by Gerry Yokota

Industry-related programs in business English education by Richard Miller

Cross-cultural communication clashes: A simulation task game by Greg Roualt

Contrast Culture Method training workshop by CCM SIG of SIETAR

Language policy and multilingualism: Case in Singapore and implications to Japan by Sachie Ujiie

Innovative business English learning solutions by James Yellowlees


For the schedule: See: Business Communication SIG Summer Seminar