August 2020: Helping the 1 in 10: The Neuro-diverse Students in Your Classroom 「10人に1人の生徒への支援:教室における神経学的多様性」

Co-sponsored with Osaka JALT, Kyoto JALT, and Nara JALT.

SIETAR関西支部、JALT大阪、 JALT京都、JALT 奈良の合同例会

Speaker 発表者 : Alexandra Burke (Educator and Neuro-diverse Advocate  教育者、神経学的多様性の支持者 )

Date 日程:August 23, 2020 (Sunday) 
8月23日(日) 14:00~17:00   

Fee 費用: Free for all 無料

Language 使用言語: English 英語

ZOOM Online presentation *registration required* . Contact to get the Zoom link or for any questions.
Zoomオンラインでのプレゼンテーションですので事前登録が必要です。 問い合わせ:fujimotodonna@gmail.comへメールで連絡して下さい。

This talk is about how to help students overcome some of the barriers to learning. These difficulties can be in spelling, reading and writing, but also with problems of keeping quiet, staying still or being able to adapt to change. People who have neuro-diverse brains face difficulties throughout life because their struggles are invisible. Many neuro-diverse people are totally unaware that their experience is so common because these issues are rarely discussed in public—not even between teachers, students and their families. As a result, neuro-diverse people frequently miss out on achieving their full potential. This session will help teachers see new ways in how to view these students, and there will be an introduction of a number of resources which can make a positive impact on the whole class whether that be face-to-face or online. Neuro-diversity is invisible but real—these are NOT behavioral choices. 


Alexandra Burke has taught all levels in the Japanese public school system from kindergarten to university and also for adult classes for English for Specific Purposes. A former systems examiner and public health policy officer from Australia, Burke has been researching how students with neuro-diversity experience education in Japan. She has made numerous presentations on practical classroom strategies to improve outcomes for students. She, along with Associate Professor Kirika Kushiyama, were winners of the best poster sessions at JALT 2019. She is also a contributor to the Mind, Brain, and Education SIG Think Tank and recently published “JALT Praxis, Younger Learners” in the May/June 2020 issue of The Language Teacher.

アレクサンドラ・バーク氏は 、幼稚園から大学まで、日本のあらゆる段階の公立学校で教鞭をとってきました。また、社会人を対象として、「特定の目的のための英語(English for Specific Purposes)」を教えています。オーストラリア出身のバーク氏は、以前はシステム審査官や公衆衛生政策担当官の仕事をしており、日本では神経学的多様性を持つ生徒たちが、どのようにして教育を経験するかを研究してきました。そして生徒の成績を向上させるための実践的な授業戦略に関する数多くの発表を行っています。2019年度全国語学教育学会(JALT 2019)では、櫛山桐加准教授とともに、最優秀ポスターセッションにも選ばれました。また、「Mind, Brain, and Education SIGシンクタンク」への寄稿者でもあり、最近では『The Language Teacher』誌の2020年5/6月号には「JALT Praxis, Younger Learners」にも文章が掲載されています。