SIETAR Kansai July 2021 Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Is it true it’s happening in Japan? 2021年7月例会 SIETAR関西 「人身取引と現代の奴隷制、日本でも起きているって、本当ですか?」

Speaker:  Mariko Yamaoka (Director, Not For Sale Japan (NFSJ)

Date:   July 18, 2021 (Sunday)

Fee:      Free for allLanguage: English

Time:    14:00-17:00


Today, there are more than 40 million “modern slaves” in the world, despite the fact that slavery is supposed to have been abolished long ago and is illegal anywhere on the globe. Human trafficking, or trafficking in persons, as defined by the United Nations, is the act of recruiting, transporting, transferring or harboring of people for the purpose of exploitation by means of deception, threat, violence, or taking advantage of those in vulnerable positions. In other words, human trafficking is the process of enslaving other people. 
But who are the slaves? What are they forced to do? How have they fallen into slavery? Why can they not escape from the situation? In what country and in what places does human trafficking take place? Who are the perpetrators? Is there any way to rescue the victims and prevent it from happening? What are the governments and the UN doing for it? What can we do to stop it?  
Human trafficking is happening in Japan. However, most people don’t know it. Why? It is because human trafficking is a crime hidden in the shadow. But the victims are not always locked up and are likely to be walking around in plain sight. Actually those who are victims of sexual exploitation and labor exploitation are often not recognized as victims of human trafficking but of other crimes and problems. Let us discuss and think about how we can contribute to the solution of this serious human rights violation.

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Mariko Yamaoka.

After working as a translator for more than 10 years, Mariko Yamaoka planned and translated David Batstone’s book “Not For Sale” into Japanese in 2010. In the following summer, she launched Not For Sale Japan as the Japan chapter of the California-based charity “Not For Sale” founded by Batstone. She has been working to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking, also known as “modern slavery”, through lectures, presentations, events, exhibits, film screenings, campaigns, and information dissemination with other volunteer staff members.    Yamaoka also participates in JNATIP, the Japan Network Against Trafficking In Persons, as a member of the steering committee; she engages in communications with the Japanese government and sends comments to the UN. She is a co-director of SSRC, the Citizens’ Network to Build a Sustainable Society through Responsible Consumption, and advocates ethical consumption to the business sector and to consumers.

発表者: 山岡万里子(ノット・フォー・セール・ジャパン(NFSJ)代表

日程:  2021年7月18日(日)    

時間:  14:00~17:00

費用:  無料

言語:  英語

ZOOM Online presentation *registration required*

お問い合わせ先: お申込み、または、お問い合わせは、  までg


いったいどんな人が奴隷なのか、彼らは何をさせられているのか、どうして奴隷になってしまったのか、なぜ抜け出せないのか? 人身取引はどんな国のどんな場所で起きているのか、加害者はどんな人なのか、被害者を助けたり被害を防いだりできないのか、政府や国連は何をやっているのか、私たちにできることはないのか――? 

講師プロフィール: 山岡万里子

 出版翻訳に十数年たずさわった後、バットストーン著『Not For Sale』を自ら企画翻訳した(『告発・現代の人身売買』朝日新聞出版/2010年)ことから、米国拠点のNGO〈Not For Sale〉の日本支部として、2011年夏にNFSJを設立。ボランティアで集まった仲間たちと共に、講演・出張授業・ミニ学習会・イベント出展・映画上映会・キャンペーン・情報発信などを通じ、「現代の奴隷制」と呼ばれる人身取引問題の啓発に取り組んでいる。